"Helping those who have lost a loved one."

Life After Death, is driven by a single goal; to help those who have lost realize that there is Life After Death. The process is through the five phases of grief and an activity. Striving to build productive relationships and make a positive impact on all. Partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and Liam's Life, Together we stand and we are here for each other.

There is Life After Death.


​Life After Death is a program for:

-Elementary school

-Middle school

-High school

-After school

-Private events

-Virtual Classroom


Life After Death is in honor of my father who was killed in a head on collision by a drunk driver when I was 12 years old. I had amazing family and friends who supported me and let me know that it was okay to feel the emotions I was feeling. I realized that not all individuals have the support of the tools that they need to have a successful Life After Death. As my occupation of a Flight Attendant and educator, my goal is at the end of each seminar by gifting each individual with a wings pin. To remind them that when loved ones are given their wings, I will bring you wings to fly through your life to reach your fullest potential.   


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